Ceremonial Matcha 40g

20 Servings Per Pack

Ceremonial Matcha 40g

20 Servings Per Pack
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  • Clean green energy without any jitters or crash
  • Supports your immune system, your mental health, and gives you energy to win your day
  • All natural with no bitter taste
  • From farm to cup—no matcha older than six months ever

Product Description


Nekohama's Ceremonial Matcha is harvested on the island of Kyushu by our family operated farm.

  • Naturally sweet, no bitterness, with a creamy umami flavor unique to Nekohama
  • Single Origin - JAS Certified Organic (Japanese Agricultural Standards)
  • Freshest matcha powder available (learn more about our 6 month guarantee here)
  • Pesticide Free

Nekohama’s deep green color is complemented by a light floral sweetness, the absence of bitterness, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

  • Our matcha is stored in temperature controlled freezers to guarantee freshness and taste
  • We use Japanese biodegradable UV light-protected packaging to guarantee every cup of Nekohama
  • Nekohama is created to boost cognition, energy, and stress management
  • For optimal experience consume matcha daily for two weeks for full effect

Our 40g bag makes 20 servings of matcha.

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Product of Japan

Matcha is a single-ingredient product made solely from the uniquely processed leaves of the Camilia Sinensis plant.
Our Matcha Starter Kit is shipped by our team within 36 hours of placing your order. Should there be a delay please reach out to us through our help email or on social media @nekohama.