Iced Matcha Coconut

Posted by Sanne Vloet

Iced Matcha Coconut

Iced Matcha Coconut

Iced Matcha Coconut

Looking for a super refreshing and hydrating drink? This iced matcha with pink coconut water is everything you’ve wanted but didn’t know you needed. It’s also beautiful and packed full of health benefits, which makes us love this drink recipe even more. Mix coconut water, which contains naturally occurring variations in levels of antioxidants that can turn pink, and Nekohama Matcha to feel restored, rehydrated and ready to take on the day! 



Serves 1-2 

  • 2g Nekohama Ceremonial Matcha
  • 75 ml warm water
  • 100 ml pink coconut water
  • Ice cubes



    1. Add 2 bamboo scoops of matcha ( 2g) to sift over a bowl.
    2. Add 75 ml of 70-80C hot water
    3. Whisk matcha in zigzag motion until smooth.
    4. Add 100 ml pink coconut water into a cup with ice. Add matcha mixture and enjoy!



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